Build Android App using App Inventor 2

Radha Govind Group of Institutions, Meerut

Build Android App using App Inventor 2

Android has a dictionary meaning of being a human that resembles automation. The true character of its name is it’s the Google created software stack for creating comprehensive Mobile Applications and Software to realize the full potential of one’s Mobile handset and its possibilities. Abhikalan, The Society of Computer Science organized workshop on a topic ” Build your own android app using App inventor 2″ on 5 April 2016. This amazing workshop was delivered by Final Year students Parinita Agarwal, Nishi Agarwal, Sumaiya Malik, Deepika Singh & Vikrant Sirohi. All the participants of different years enjoyed workshop & made 6 android app in a day. Anchors of the event were Shivee Gautam & Shivani Tyagi from B.Tech CS Third Year. Well Done Guys.


 IMG_20160405_164530.jpg IMG_20160405_164531.jpg IMG_20160405_164546.jpg IMG_20160405_164601.jpg 20160405_141520.jpg 20160405_144329.jpg 20160405_151721.jpg 20160405_151733.jpg 20160405_152049.jpg 20160405_152101.jpg 20160405_152134.jpg 20160405_152221.jpg 20160405_152230.jpg 20160405_152246.jpg 20160405_152302.jpg 20160405_152319.jpg 20160405_153158.jpg 20160405_163958.jpg 20160405_164444.jpg 20160405_164452.jpg 20160405_164531.jpg 20160405_164537.jpg 20160405_164548.jpg 20160405_164601.jpg IMG_20160405_164632.jpg IMG_20160405_164633.jpg 20160405_164635.jpg 20160405_164644.jpg

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