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Fresher Party-2018

Fresher Party-2018

Radha Govind Engineering College organized Fresher Party ‘Roobaroo-2018’ on 15 September. The Chief guest of the event was  Chairman Radha Govind Group Shri Yogesh Tyagi began the event by enlightening the lamp on Goddess Saraswati and delivered the speech addressing the importance of education followed by the speech of   Director RGGI Dr. P.K. Singh has delivered the welcome speech to 1st Year Students. The event began with the Performance given by student Shubhi Rastogi, Ankur & Shivam after that Lakshya from B.Tech. 1st year Student sung with his melodious voice Apart from the student from 1st year participated in the ramp walk by wearing the Indian Traditional dresses. It was amazed and delighted to see their walk carrying the outfits with grace. At last Judges had selected Mr. & Miss Fresher from B.Tech. Lakshya and Shivani awarded as Mr. & Miss Fresher while Shah Alam and Anuradha from MBA awarded as Mr. & Miss Fresher. Neeraj and Parul Sharma from MCA department awarded as Mr. & Miss Fresher. It is not ended were 2nd-year student Prakalp, Alia, Ankur, and Latika kept the joy alive throughout the event by their anchoring. In the end, Dr. P.K. Singh congratulated the 1st year student for their bright future.

Teacher’s Day 2018

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” 
To show gratitude and respect to all the Teachers the students of Computer Science department celebrated Teacher’s Day on September 5, 2018, with the active involvement of CS (Second, Third and Final year) students at FOSS LAB Radha Govind Group of Institutions, Meerut.

Yoga Day Celebration-2018

Yoga Day Celebration-2018

Radha Govind Group, Meerut celebrated the fourth anniversary of the International Yoga Day in the campus premises on June 21, 2018.

It started with ‘Surya Namaskar’ under the supervision of yoga expert Dr. Amit Sharma. Vrikshasana, Parvatasana, Padmasana, Vajrasana were some of the asanas performed by the students and faculty members.

The Radha Govind Group had also arranged for a talk highlighting the importance of Yoga in everyone’s life. The members were very much excited about doing all these yoga activities.

Director Prof. P. K. Singh also took part in this activity to motivate all the members. He requested to all members to eat healthy food & do exercise on a daily basis.



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Aakansha Agarwal, a student of MCA 2nd year RGGI, presented a paper entitled “Artificial Intelligence and it’s Applications in Various Domains ‘A Review'” in NANOTCON-2018, “National Conference on Nanoscience and Technologies in Digital India – 2018” organized by Shobhit University, Meerut held on 27-28 April 2018. in the entitled paper the applications of Artificial Intelligence in today’s life, like in medical diagnose, daily purpose applications also in computer games is elaborated. Co-author of the paper is Ms. Ankita Kareer, Assistant Professor, Department of MCA-RGGI.

Hon’ble Chairman RGGI Mr. Yogesh Tyagi, Respected Director RGGI Prof. (Dr.) P.K.Singh and HOD MCA-RGGI Mr. Arun Bhardwaj congratulated and appreciated the authors.

MBA Farewell-2018

MBA Farewell-2018

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“This is the beginning of anything you want.”

Department of MBA organized a Farewell Party-2018 for MBA 2016-18 batch students on 7, May 2018 in the campus of Radha Govind Group of Institutions, Meerut.

The farewell began with cultural programme presented by first year students. The final year students enjoyed the games, skits, and dances and also danced to some foot tapping numbers.

Director, Prof. P.K. Singh blessed the students and motivated them to become good citizens and succeed in all their endeavors.

Mr. Amit Tygai & Ms. Suparna Sonkar were Mr. & Ms. Farewell of the event respectively. The winners were awarded sashes, bouquet, and crown (for girls).

This farewell party would not have been possible without the support of Ms. Soma Sharma, Mr. Abhijeet Baliyan, Ms. Shaifali, Mr. Anil Kumar. We would also like to thank all our students for their contribution it the success of this event.

CS Farewell-2018

CS Farewell-2018

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“Adieu, ciao, Sayonara, Au revoir…”

Department of Computer Science and Engineering and  Abhikalan, The Society of Computer Science, jointly organized a Farewell Party-2018 for B. Tech CS/IT (2014-2018) batch students in 4, May 2018 in the campus of Radha Govind Group of Institutions, Meerut.

The event started at 11 AM with the welcome speech given by Medhwavi Singh and Apar Gupta followed by precious words from Prof. P.K. Singh, Director. Prof. P.K. Singh blessed the students and motivated them to become good citizens and succeed in all their endeavors.

Memories, citations, speeches reflected the feelings of the students and the teachers as they blessed the students and wished them well. The final year students enjoyed the games, skits, and dances and also danced to some foot tapping numbers.

Meanwhile the final year students presented a priceless token of respect and love to the whole Department of Computer Science in the shape of memories incorporated in a beautiful frame.

A ramp walk was organized for students of final year to make the event sparkling. The students were judged on the basis of their attire, intelligence, and personality by the jury.

The jury got ready with the results which are as follows Mr. Farewell –Mr. Shailesh Sharma, Ms. Farewell- Tulika Sharma, Mr. Evening – Mr. Abhishek Garg, Ms. Evening – Ms. Pooja Sagar. The winners were awarded sashes, bouquet, and crown (for girls).

The various Dignitaries were present at the event, i.e. Prof P.K. Singh, Director, RGGI, Mr. Sandeep Sharma, Controller of Examination, Prof. Tarun Gupta, Mr. S.K. Singh, Head, Electrical Engineering, Dr. Arun Bhardwaj, Head MCA, Dr. Riju Pawar, Mr. Vishal Kulshrestha, Mr. Ashish Chauhan, Mr. Manish Jaiswal, Mr. Vikas Bhardwaj, Ms. Vijaya Singh, Ms. Nitasha Verma, Ms. Deepali Kapoor, Ms. Parinita Agarwal and Mr. Arvind Kumar.

The event culminates with lunch and dance party hosted by the junior batch.

A big thank you to all B. Tech CS Third & Second Year students who managed this event in a spontaneous manner and without them, this event would not have been possible.



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A proud moment for the Department of MCA, Radha Govind Group of Institutions, Meerut for successfully, giving its 22nd batch of MCA. On this special occasion, the student of MCA Department of MCA organized A farewell party for their seniors of the MCA-2018 batch on 30/Apr/2018.

The program started with the motivational speech of Honorable Director, RGGI Dr. P.K Singh and Dean Mr. Sandeep Sharma. Various cultural activities like singing, dancing, games, etc. have been organized for the students.

 The Head of Dept. Mr. Arun Bhardwaj was there along with other faculty members of the dept.  Ms. Nitasha Verma (Asst. Prof, Dept. of MCA) and Ms. Ankita Kareer (Asst. Prof, Dept. of MCA) to make the event memorable. The program graced by Mr. S.K Singh (Head Dept. of EE), Mr. Jai Kumar (Head Dept. of  CS), Ms. Soma (Head Dept. of MBA), Mr. Tarun Kumar, Ms. Vijaya and Ms. Parinita with their presence.

Ms. Versa Tyagi and Mr. Nitin Sharma won the title of “Ms. Farewell” and “Mr. Farewell” respectively. During the program, the students of MCA-2018 batch shared their experiences, memories, and learning’s with the Radha Govind Group fraternity.

The program summarized by Head of Dept. Mr. Arun Bhardwaj with his vote of thanks. The other faculties of department Ms. Nitasha Verma and Ms. Ankita Kareer impart their best wishes for the bright future the students.

Kaushal 2018

Kaushal-2018 – Intra College Project Competition

Technical Project Competition provides the prominent stage for the engineering students to showcase their core engineering talents, innovative ideas, creativity, technical skills, soft skills, etc. Every engineering student is graced with a hidden inventor or discoverer, which gets unveiled when such platforms are granted to them. Likewise, every year this year also Radha Govind Group of Institutions, Meerut presented a podium to its technocrats by conducting an Intra College Project Competition named as “Kaushal-2018” on 30th April 2018.

The event was pioneered by the chairman of this esteemed group Mr Yogesh Tyagi. In the inaugural speech, Chairman Sir encouraged the students for their efforts, in which they were engrossed consistently for many days for making their inventions. Ms Parinita Agarwal, Assistant Professor CSE further introduced the students to the legacy of the project competition which is held every year under the society of computer science ‘Abhikalan’. She also informed that the Intra College Project Competition will now be referred as ‘Kaushal’. Further discussed the aim of the event and how it will benefit the upcoming researchers. Followed by Dr Tarun Kumar Gupta, convenor of Kaushal 2018 who motivated the students and also resolved their queries about the event.

The event began with chairman sir inspecting, every project individually and he also collected the information about the technology they have used in the projects. His arrival poured a ray of confidence which definitely raised the bar of competition among the students.

All branches of Engineering EC, ME, CS, CE, EE participated in the event with full enthusiasm and zeal. More than 40 projects were displayed and 178 students participated. The judges for Kaushal -2018 were Dr Arun Bhardwaj, Dr Riju Pawar, Dr Vishal  Kulshreshtha, Mr Manish Jaiswal, Mr Prashant Bhardwaj, Prof. K.C. Agarwal, Mr Ravi Kumar, Mr Ashish Chauhan along with special judges Ms Pritha Tyagi and Mr Harshit Sharma, Alumni of RGGI. The judges evaluated the projects on the basis of technologies used, working efficiency of the project, their source of inspiration, future aspects of their work. Students were able to satisfy the judges with their remarkable responses about every question put up by them without skipping any important point of technicality. The most innovative ideas were Eco-Bike, Chainless Bicycle, Drone, River Waste Cleaning Machine, Pneumatic Piston Cylinder Arrangement, Solar Power Refrigerator, Multi-Level Parking on Drainage, Pick and Drop Robot, Home Automation Using Bluetooth, Power Theft Control, Face Recognition Matlab, Online Medical Services, Laser Protected House, Multi-level Lock Application Etc.

Meanwhile, the results were calculated, Ms Pritha Tyagi & Mr Harshit Sharma, Alumni 2016 Batch shared their success mantra with the juniors and made the teachers nostalgic through recalling their college days. Finally, the most awaited moment arrived,  the winners were awarded cash prizes, mementoes & certificates by Director Prof. P. K. Singh. The first position was bagged by the students of Electrical engineering Vinit Tyagi, Ravi Sharma, and Mohit Goswami for the project entitled ‘GSM Based Power Theft Intimation’ and received a cash prize of Rs. 1500. The project entitled  ‘Pneumatic Piston Cylinder Arrangement’ by Mechanical engineering students Shuja Abbas, and Shahrukh Khan ranked second and received a cash prize of Rs. 1000. The project entitled ‘Eco-Bike’ by Mechanical engineering students Anmol Tyagi, Rahul Kumar, and Ikraar Ahmad ranked third and received a cash prize of Rs. 750. The project entitled  ‘Multilevel Lock application’ by Computer Science & Engineering students Vaishali Sharma and Uzma Chauhan ranked fourth and received a cash prize of Rs. 500. The project entitled  ‘Chainless Bicycle’ by Mechanical engineering students Prashant Tyagi, Rahul Chaudhary, Sonu Kumar and Shashimoul Kumar ranked fifth and received a cash prize of Rs. 250.

Prof. P. K. Singh, the Director, congratulated the winners and motivated the students to participate in upcoming events conducted by RGGI with same dedication and zeal.

Ducat, Development and Training company based in Noida awarded the first position winners with the cash prize of Rs.1000 and Ducat T-shirts as a token of appreciation.

The whole event was well organized and convened by Dr Tarun Kumar, Mr Arvind Kharwal, Mr Sandeep Tyagi, Mr Manish Jaiswal, Ms Parinita Agarwal, Ms Vijaya Singh, Mr Rahul Singh, Mr Aditya Jain, and Mr Vikas Bhardwaj, Dr Amit Sharma and Mr Sanjeev Goel.

The event was hosted by Ms Latika Sharma, MCA Second Year and Ms Sakshi Sharma, B. Tech first year. Finally, Mr Manish Jaiswal concluded Kaushal-2018 with a vote of thanks to all the students for participation and faculty members for their continuous support. 

The Head of Departments and faculty members of all the departments Mr B. S. Tyagi, Mr Jay Kumar, Mr S.K. Singh, Ms Nitasha Verma, Mr Sunder Khari, Ms Mansi Garg, and Deepali Kapoor were also present there.


First Prize: GSM Based Power Theft Intimation

Student’s Name: Vinit Tyagi, Ravi Sharma, and Mohit Goswami, B.Tech Electrical Engineering

Second Prize: Pneumatic Piston Cylinder Arrangement

Student’s Name: Shuja Abbas, and Shahrukh Khan, B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering

Third Prize: Eco Bike

Student’s Name: Anmol Tyagi, Rahul Kumar, and Ikraar Ahmad, B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering

Fourth Prize: Multilevel Lock Application

Student’s Name: Vaishali Sharma and Uzma Chauhan, B.Tech, Computer Science & Engineering

Fifth Prize: Chainless Bicycle

Student’s Name: Prashant Tyagi, Rahul Chaudhary, Sonu Kumar and Shashimoul Kumar, B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering



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            Myriad events to showcase multiple skills and an opportunity to socialize and revel in friendly competition, college fests offer a plethora of experiences.

Radha Govind Group of Institutions, Meerut organized Annual Fest –‘Ecstasy-2018’ held on 31st March 2018. The event was inaugurated by Honourable Shri. Yogesh Tyagi, Chairman – Radha Govind Group, Meerut.

The purpose of organizing the fest was to provide a platform to the students to show their creative and innovative talents. It was all about frolic decorated with learning experience where students had fun, dancing, participating in the events, chatting, and meeting new people. These are the nostalgic moments which remain forever in the memory of students’ even years after years.

 With the inception lamp lightening ritual, students offered Saraswati Vandana which was followed by Tadnav Dance of Lord Shiv prepared by MCA students and was truly applauded by the audience. Then the chairman of RGGI Mr Yogesh Tyagi congratulated the students for their efforts and contribution to making the event successful. He expressed his view on the importance of education and blessed them with a bright future. Hereafter dances performed by Uzma, Kajal, Lavi, Saloni, Gunjan, Saurabh, Himanshu etc. compelled the audience to shake their legs. They were all outstanding and heart throbbing.

Now comes the glimpses of singing, where RGGI’s star singers hold the positions and made auditorium melodious through their alluring voice. The duet performance by Ankur and Ankit was tremendous where they showed their several cues of singing skills. Songs by Guru Prasad, Poonam, Shahrukh, Duet Singers Mubin & Rahul, Kawaljeet really thrilled the people sitting in the audience.

Students showed not only their singing and dancing talents but also literary skills through the event Kavi Sammalan. RGGI,s bards unboxed their fancy feelings and got the credit for many huge rounds of applauses. Poetry on love, patriotism, comradeship, human sentiments and politics were recited in the traditional manner. Guru Prasad, Shravan Kumar, Shuja Abbas, Susheel Kumar and md. Rafi got the poet laureate for their nuances of recitation.

The grand event, Fashion Show was the climax of the fest. More than 40 students participated in this mega event. The dress up, the makeup, the hairdo, the ramp walk everything was phenomenal and marvellous. For a moment, it looked like the fairies and heavenly inhabitants themselves were strolling on the stage. The participants of ramp walk captured hearts of people.The vigour, the enthusiasm, the spirit and dedication were truly showcased by students in various cultural events. The most awaited episode of the evening, “Battle of Bands” was hosted by Vineet Tyagi. More than 10 colleges participated in this event. The whole auditorium thrilled with sound and symphony of musical instruments. They were extremely well organized and time-oriented performances.

At last Dir. RGGI Mr P.K.Singh encouraged and felicitated the students for their participation. The vote of thanks was delivered by the Convener of the fest Mr Sandeep Sharma. He floated his thanks to the students and the faculty members for their continuous efforts for making the event a grand success. He gave the credits of success to Mr Arvind, Kumar, Jay Kumar, Dr Arun Bhardwaj, S. K. Singh, B.S.Tyagi, Dr, Riju Pawar, Mr Vishal Kulsreshtha, Prashant Bhardwaj, Mr Joshi, Ms. Deepali Kapoor, Ms. Parinita, Ms. Nitasha, Ms. Vijaya, Mr, Ankit Gupta, Sandeep Tyagi and All The Student Coordinators.  Vineet Tyagi, Poonam, Shristi, Md. Rafi, Pooja and Pankhuri anchored the fest with full of zeal and gestures.



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Radha Govind Group of Institutions, Meerut organized a Tech Fest “TECHRODIES” in our campus on 29 March 2018.

The fest is an attempt to make young minds acquainted technically and to develop their non-technical skills as well. A series of brainstorming events are arranged to satisfy the hunger of tech-savvy engineering students.

The Inaugural Function of the Techroadies-The Techfest was held at the Seminar Hall-01 and Prof. P.K. Singh, Director, Radha Govind Group of institutions, was the Chief Guest. He addressed the eminent gathering and young technocrats by his motivational words and inspired everyone to contribute to developing the nation’s technical knowledge.

Prof. Singh also appreciated the huge number of participants present at various events and wished for the success of the same. More than 200 participants showcased their talent in these technical events.

Every participant showed huge enthusiasm and all the events were managed amiably and brilliantly.

We heartily thank the entire RGGI fraternity for making the Techfest-2018 a gala success.