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HTML & CSS Workshop

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Abhikalan, The Society of Computer Science organized a workshop on HTML & CSS for B.Tech Second Year students on Monday 4 April, 2016. This workshop was delivered by Nishi Agarwal (Final Year CS), Parinita Agarwal (Final Year CS), Shivani Tyagi (Third Year CS). In this workshop student learned the basic tags of html pages & uses of cascading style sheet. As you can see, these are as simple as it gets when it comes to HTML/CSS. But this workshop wasn’t just about the final results that students produced. In most cases, the results were probably fine. It was the process of completing the tasks that was studied. The Task were:
  1. Create a heading, paragraph, ordered list, ordered sub-list.
  2. Create a hyperlink, add an image, hyperlink the image.
  3. Align text in a table, change row background colors, color a hyperlink and add a hover color.
  4. Fix a broken image, an unclosed tag, and an unmatched selector.
  5. Create and horizontally center a container div, and add a right sidebar in the container.
  IMG-20160404-WA0024.jpg IMG-20160404-WA0025.jpg 20160404_142053.jpg 20160404_142117.jpg 20160404_142129.jpg 20160404_142139.jpg 20160404_142153.jpg 20160404_142227.jpg 20160404_142236.jpg 20160404_142247.jpg 20160404_142759.jpg 20160404_143314.jpg

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