IBM Industrial Visit

ibm industrial visit

IBM Industrial Visit

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An industrial visit was organized by Radha Govind Group of Institutions, Meerut for the students of B.Tech Computer Science/Information Technology at IBM, Noida on 09 April 2016. DSC01545.JPG DSC01546.JPG DSC01552.JPG DSC01555.JPG DSC01557.JPG DSC01566.JPG DSC01569.JPG DSC01570.JPG DSC01571.JPG DSC01572.JPG DSC01573.JPG DSC01577.JPG DSC01578.JPG DSC01579.JPG DSC01580.JPG DSC01583.JPG DSC01584.JPG DSC01588.JPG DSC01589.JPG DSC01590.JPG IMAG0964.jpg

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