WordPress Workshop

Wordpress Workshop

WordPress Workshop

Abhikalan, The Society of Computer Science conducted a workshop on “WordPress” on 23 February, 2017. Mr. Arvind Kumar, Assistant Professor, from Department of Computer Science & Engineering, along with Ms. Divya Singh & Ms. Yashi Goel student of B.Tech CS Third Year delivered this workshop.

Ms. Yashi explained about the history & development process of wordpress while Ms. Divya demonstrated the installation process of wordpress, plugins, themes and widgets. Mr. Arvind discussed about the configuration, coding, DNS, Hosting and basic layout of wordpress.


Here’s what we will cover in our beginner workshop.

  1. Decisions / Education (Selecting a domain, what hosting provider might be the best for you, comparing WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org, etc.)
  2. Installation and Setup (Guiding through how to install WordPress and giving a tour of the general WordPress admin)
  3. Getting Started with WordPress (Showcasing every day things that you do in WordPress such as creating and editing posts, pages, categories, tags, etc. Also we go into items like comment moderation)
  4. WordPress Themes (Discussion about trusted sources of getting WordPress themes, best practices, widgets, menus, header images, background images, and more).
  5. Trouble Shooting (Knowledge share on common WordPress problems, troubleshooting, customizing, importing/exporting, and more).
  6. Plugins (Best practices for plugins, “must-have” plugins, and how to use WordPress beyond a blogging platform).
  7. Publish images, and make wise design decisions about your site and content.
  8.  Social media integration

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February 22, 2017 at 7:49 pm

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