Workshop on Salesforce App

Radha Govind Group of Institutions, Meerut

Workshop on Salesforce App

Abhikalan, The Society of Computer Science organized a workshop on Salesforce app and Cloud Implementation using Salesforce framework on 24 February. (stylized as salesƒorce) is an American cloud computing company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Though its revenue comes from a customer relationship management (CRM) product, Salesforce also capitalizes on commercial applications of social networking through acquisition. As of early 2016, it is one of the most highly valued American cloud computing companies with a market capitalization of $45 billion. 20160224_134002.jpg 20160224_134015.jpg 20160224_134149.jpg 20160224_135855.jpg 20160224_135907.jpg 20160224_135927.jpg 20160224_135939.jpg 20160224_140037.jpg 20160224_140147.jpg 20160224_140213.jpg 20160224_141449.jpg 20160224_144000.jpg 20160224_144004.jpg

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